I do watercolor painting? Know the Reader “What I do aside from reading”

If you’re interested to know my hobbies aside from reading, you came to right place! YES! I do watercolor painting. I do paintings of animes, characters from books, from movies, or anything that comes out of my mind. I started watercolor painting when I was 12 years old, I have always been mesmerized by watercolor paintings I see all over the internet. Before, I say to myself “I want to do art but I’m not good at painting nor drawing.”, ” How will I be able to make art if all I do is copy from the internet?”, “Is drawing/painting really for me?”, “or maybe I should just stay off of it?”. If you have the same questions and statements as I do before, read more to know how I surpass the temptation to give up on making art.


What I use:

I have tried so many types of papers, watercolors, sign pens, and brushes over the past two years.


1.) Paper


Of course, at first I tried ordinary printer paper but I won’t hold much water as a watercolor paper would do. I started using watercolor paper when I was 13, because I know I want to make quality paintings. This is my first watercolor pad it’s called Berkeley Watercolor Pad(190mm x 270 mm, 180gsm, 24 acid free sheets, P294, Pandayan Bookshop and NBS), and this is still the brand of watercolor paper I use, but soon, I’ll buy a more high quality watercolor pad.


2) Watercolor

Let’s be honest people almost everyone of us have used watercolor, I started using them when I was in 1st grade. I started with the cheapest watercolor set I can find, I tried Artex watercolor and even brandless watercolor sets.


I have been using this watercolor for almost a year now, I doesn’t have the best quality but I suggest you start with this set if you’re just a beginner. I forgot what’s the brand if this watercolor is but it’s from Pandayan Bookshop and I think it’s price ranges from P190 to P230.


3) Brushes

This is an assorted pile of brushes, these brushes are the ones I used in painting. These brushes are from the USA. But you can start with cheap brushes too! But I suggest pick the ones that you are comfortable using.



4) Sign pens

I have tons of them, but here are some as an example. There’s the Artline with 0.4 tip, a Sharpie Fine tip, Uni pin fine line in 0.2 and 0.5 tip, Sakura Micron in 0.4 tip, and the white one which the brand has been erased because of it’s plastic body. I just bought the Sakura Micron the other day because I hear it’s perfect for watercolor. Price ranges from P50 to P70 at Pandayan Bookshop and NBS.



5) Pencils

Of course you’ll need good ‘ol erasable pencils to start your outlines with. I use a 6H Staedtoer pencil so that the pencil marks won’t show through when I put watercolor. Price ranges from P3 to P40 in any bookstore.



Uniball Signo White pen in Fine and in Broad tip to show some effect on the painting itself.



Here are some of my artworks:


Potrait of the best wizarding school in the world a.k.a Hogwarts


and paintings of Molly Weasley and Harley Quinn.



#1 Start with the things you have on hand, don’t buy pretty expensive materials if you’re just starting to do watercolor painting

#2 Never give up! Remember the questions I asked myself before? Those are the same questions you’ll ask yourself when you’re thinking to start painting. Now, remember that when starting a new hobby you’ll always commit mistakes specially in art and those mistakes will help you on your journey on starting a new hobby.

#3 Look for inspirations. You can see inspirations everywhere! In books, in your room, outside the house, in the playground, at school, at the beach or even while you’re taking a bath. An idea will come to you at the most unexpected time, and if you’re a beginner I suggest going to Pinterest, Google and on Instagram art is everywhere!

#4 Ask. Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask people on Instagram about the materials they use, or how they created their masterpiece.

#5 Lastly, join forums or groups about the hobby you are interested to join. All of you can  share your ideas with each other.


These are the supplies I am using now, and I know they’re kinda cheap and they doesn’t have the best quality, but I manage to use them since I’m still a beginner in Watercolor Painting. For some Inspiration I suggest you guys check out @wanderingbookniffler‘s art account @mariacessilia.


Candle Collection

As a bookworm I couldn’t resist buying bookish merchandise. I would probably buy anything book related that catches my eye. Whether it’s a bookmark, bookish mug, bookish pillows and even bookish candles. When I started bookstagram I explored many bookish accounts. I saw many bookstagrams all over the world but I first searched ones here in the Philippines. I saw shops that sells bookmarks, PH book box, and of course, Bookish Candles!

I got fascinated scrolling through accounts that sell bookish candles. I first asked at @bookish.light but back then Cash on Delivery wasn’t yet available as mode of payment so I searched for other shops.

Then I encountered @thecandlelitshelf, when I inquired if they had CoD as MoP they said yes ( kaya ako naman take agad ng opportunity, HAHAHA). I ordered 4 candles from them – Feyre, Butterbeer, Lovegood, and Patronus. I placed my order last May 2 and received it on May 6.

Here are the candles I bought:18697714_120300003947742533_493747323_o

I ordered from their shopee account because you can use CoD there as mode of payment and if your order reaches 500 pesos you’ll be able to avail free shopping (kaya sulit!) And I must that their candles are affordable!


I ordered Feyre with color and glitter for my mom. Lovegood with color, and Patronus and Butterbeer with no color. These are candles in 4 oz jars.


Feyre – Roses

Butterbeer – Butterscotch

Lovegood – Bubblegum

Patronus – Ocean, Breeze, Mist

You may order candles with:

No color – 200

Color – 220

Color and glitter – 250


I first lit Patronus and I left it in my room, and after maybe half an hour when I entered my room the you can really smell the scent of the candle but only lasts a few minutes. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that. But know, I rate these candles a 4.5 / 5 maybe it just needs a bit more stronger smell. All in all I am very happy with my purchase.


Shoutout to other shops that sells bookish candles:

@bookish.light  @merakicandles @thebookflame @thehouseofwicks @storytimecandles

These are just few of the accounts I follow but there are more wonderful accounts all over Instagram!


Book Blog and Bookstagram


Hello! DecafBooks here! I am 14 year old boy who lives in one of the 7,641 islands in the Philippines! I love to read books, collect them and other bookish merchandise. My favorite genres are YA, Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, and Romance. I also love to drink coffee while I read. During my spare time I take photos of books for my Bookstagram.

Here is how my bookstagram currently looks.

[May 20,2017]

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I started my Bookstagram for the second time last  May 6, 2017. And if you are wondering why I said second, it is because I joined bookstagram before, but it didn’t go so well. My second bookstagram was a success. I am glad I met people who also has the same hobbies as I do. I joined bookstagram because I wanted to share my opinions about books and about other bookish merchandise. I have a slight obsession with bookish candles. I created my own book blog because I want to share my personal opinions about books.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading my blogs and seeing my photos on Instgram.